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Kiihjano "Di White Lion"

Kiihjano is a young upcoming reggae/dancehall artist from Sweden in a town close to a well respected small comunity called the "Reggae Mekka" in Sweden where a big part of the Swedish reggae music come from.

From early childhood days he always had a great passion for music , he started his music carreer in July 2011 when he released his first Studio-recorded song with a video "Madman City" wich was recorded in KillahSoundStudio.

Since then he´s constantly been working on new tunes and in Nov 2011 Kiihjano released a 12-track mixtape wich he received lots of promising words for & Kiihjano´s fanbase, connections take a big jump & its still growing.

Despite the short time as an artiste Kiihjano has been given the honor to share stage/ warm up to the most Established reggae artistés in Sweden he also been in Norway for live shows.

In the present he´s working on a new Ep to be released International in 2014.

Kiihjano working under the wings of Unity Yard.

His music & lyrics is mostly about spread joy,love,happines and also the everyday life such as things he reflect to , the way he looks on the world , many songs is about to lift up the people in middle & underclass , the people who a struggeling the most.

Often in his lyrics you can also find a message about Jah, to spread Jah Works, seek for a brighter day and teach them youths of today & the children of tomorrow to wake up & focus on positive things.

On Stage you can see that he´s a true entertainer who always try to deliver the best to the audience & make everyone feel participation , if you go to one of his live shows you will meet a show with lots of fyah & different styles of reggae-vibes , filled of love & joy.

You will see more of Kiihjano "Di White Lion" in the future.

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